Vision Mission and Values

I love Kaplan & MTN. I have found my love in learning! It’s fun and it increases my chances for promotion! Now I am looking forward to more courses… with KAPLAN through MTN. From my first module, I have not only learn about a company’s Vison, Mission and Values and also my personal VMV as well. I also learned how to monitor my own performance at work and at home!! I learned self-reflection, self assessment and appreciating feedbacks from others. I learned a lot!!!


Jerry Seah


Thank you

I have always been keen to attend such courses and this is the best one that I’ve attended so far. I’ve come to understand what Vision, Mission and Values really means and how to implement them in our daily lives; at work and at home. Thank you for giving me a chance to become a better person and implanting the thirst for knowledge in me. You showed us the definition of VMV; not just by teaching, but by delivering yourself while conducting the class. No doubt you are the Most Distinguished trainer in KAPLAN!                


Nur Adlina Binte Mohamad



“Course was excellent. I was able to use it for my work. I am working as a receptionist. This helps me to handle clients and telephone calls and how to talk and deal with them. The group activity I just love it a lot it’s so fun and learn from one another. Meet a lot of people from different working line. Mainly I learn and benefitted from it. Thank you so much.” 




Everyone is born to serve and be served

Before the training SE, and btw it’s a WSQ Course. I thought serving customer is so simple and requires no skill. I was dead wrong! Everyone is born to serve and be served. Every job and position in the org is about Serving, colleagues (internal customers) and customers. The knowledge and skill gained in such a friendly, interactive learning environment is just so enriching and cool… Not to mention the fantastic Networking. I make new friends and classmates from multi industries, Snr Managers, Managers, Engineers, Secretary, Security Executives and more. So Cool. Join me for the upcoming modules.


Yvonne Tan

~Sales Marketing Manager

Are you unemployed?

Not trained in service excellence?

Home-maker preparing for a future job?

Bored with your present job?

Happy working but wishing to upskill?


“I was once up there… I know the ‘sinking’ feeling. Someone, a kind soul told me about KAPLAN. That someone was from MTN. They sponsored  me, they got a distinguished trainer to train me!!”


Adillah Sufaat

~Production Controller

The course is very effective in a way that i can put into practice in my daily lives. I'm able to apply this useful knowledge at my work place.


I would definitely share it with my colleagues at and show them what i've learnt through this course. It's does benefit everyone and i'm glad that i have made this decision, investing my time to attend this upgrading course through MTN.


~ Fara


Enjoyed, Fun and Interactive

I was in service industry from a major Airline for 17 years and still I took the offer from MTN to be trained by KAPLAN. To me, life is a full of opportunities. You either take them or you will never know what you going to miss...


I’m glad that I’ve made a wise decision to attend the course and enjoyed it very much. The training was fun and interactive one. I am looking forward for more upcoming courses by KAPLAN through MTN. It’s a new open career door for me!! Thank you MTN & KAPLAN


  Norhayati Jaaffar


The trainer is good. The way he teaches and delivers the knowledge is easy to adapt and understand. Whatever that was taught was useful, informative and can be applied at the workplace as well as at home.


~Nur faizah bte Nordin

Self fulfillment, self satisfaction and great accomplishment

I am very impressed by the way the trainer conducted the training. He is a professional and experience. He uses “WOW” words upon delivering his speech and I learned quite a number of new vocabularies today. I’m beginning to understand that lifelong learning cultivates self-fulfillment, self-satisfaction and great accomplishment in one’s life tremendously. Thank you MTN and Kaplan!


Surattenah Binte Md Arsad

~Executive Assistant


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